Usethephoneforresults.com is the website for KRG Communications Group, LLC. KRG Communications Group provides quality training and development programs for our clients with the express purpose to increase sales and profits as well as customer satisfaction. Based on client needs, we use the most appropriate learning techniques for each client, such as workshops, webinars, teleclasses, or coaching. We also believe that process is equally important as skill development.  We provide consulting services to help our clients in this area.

Jo Ann Kirby is President of KRG Communications Group. She has 20 year's experience in sales and customer service training as well as inside sales management.

Jo Ann provides learning and development for a variety of clients ranging from small to big businesses. She also offers individual coaching and counseling to small business owners. Her clients include diverse industries such as manufacturing and service providers. Jo Ann uses a “how to” approach in her work. Her training courses and seminars are results-orientated with an emphasis on easy instructions and practice. Her work produces tangible outcomes, with clients experiencing significant increases in business.

“I am passionate about the importance of interpersonal skills and their ability to change outcomes. At its most basic, selling is just a conversation; service is about helping others. No matter how much you love social media, sooner or later you actually need to talk to someone by phone or in person.”



“I have hired KRG Communications Group on several occasions—to develop and deliver customer service curriculum and to provide sales coaching. On every occasion, Jo Ann has demonstrated the highest level of integrity and commitment to quality. Regardless of whether the job is big or small, Jo Ann brings 100% of her talent. I would recommend Jo Ann without any reservation whatsoever.”

–Joanne Johnson, Russ Berrie Institute for Professional Sales


“Jo Ann Kirby is a dynamic and engaging presenter. She provided a presentation to the Bagels and Business audience at Bergen. The information she presented was well received. If was informative, clear and very useful. We will definitely invite her back to speak again.”

–Ronald E. Knight, Business Development Manager/Bagels and Business, Bergen Community College


“Selling for the Non-Salesperson was Selling 101 and exactly what I needed. Ms. Kirby’s presentation took the scary out of selling for those of us uncomfortable with that part of our business. She provides clear and concise step-by-step instructions to help you build an approach to selling that you can live with. Better sales approach equals more sales.”

–Audrey Vasey, Audrey Vasey Photography